Hey you guys! :D

Given everything that's going on right now, I know a lot of people are really down about Creddie happening. But I realized recently that the smallest little thing can give you a lot of hope. And then I realized that if we all shared what gives us hope for Creddie, we could be really encouraged by each other, just because of looking at things that we hadn't thought about before. :)

So here's what to do: Comment what gives you hope that Creddie will happen. :)

Obviously, no ship warring, or anything else that goes against site rules. Shouldn't be a problem. :)

Also, if you don't ship Creddie, this blog really isn't for you. Feel free to post, but please don't go posting about another ship, because this isn't the place for anything except Creddie, and what gives us hope for it. :) If you're another ship and something gives you hope for Creddie, post it, by all means. My intent is not to exclude anyone, but I do want to make it clear that the purpose of this blog is to bring up Creddiers' hopes, not to have discussions about something else. :) Thanks! :)

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