NOTICE: You have reached a No Negativity Zone. This means that if you do not have something positive to say, you are not only encouraged to leave, but it is expected. Thank you.


Obviously, this is a Creddie blog. Also obviously, it is directed toward Creddiers. This is not intended to exclude or bash. Just keep those facts in mind as you read, if you choose to do so.


'Kay you guys, the name of the game is "iWill", and here's how it goes:

everyone comments and finishes the sentence, "When Creddie becomes end game, iWill..."

now obviously i said "when" and not "if", because, if you'll remember, this is a No Negativity Zone, and also a Creddie blog. :)

EXAMPLE: When Creddie becomes end game, iWill invent sparkly cheese and throw it around like confetti! :D

it can be crazy or serious, and you can even join in on other people's responses! :)

just get to commenting! :D

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