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Okay, so one morning, September 6, 2011. My brother Kent and I were online, then BA-BAM! Wiki showed up! So I soon snook on his profile, and got him kickbanned...about 90 times! Yeah I forced him to make accounts THEN i snook on AGAIN! I have been doing this for practically a year now. (Hooray for big words!) Last night (Today is June 27, 2012), I heard him crying in his bedroom. (ANOTHER FREAKING BIG WORD?) That's right guys! I got him KBed. Now you can all just blame me for it. BTW, PurpleJerky or whatever the hell your name is, if you are reading this crap, i started those arguements. It's all my fault. ;'( I feel like a monster. I am just gonna stop for now.

--Julissa "Julie" Gevon

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