Lyrics -- Normal

Lyrics -- Rap

My life had changed when you came around And I had told you that you were the best You called me a liar And pay for it There must be somethin that has caused this Somethin beyond this So don't believe me when I save your life Or when I kill your wi-ife Oh wait why'd I say wife? I'm try'na save yo-our life Ya better watch your back! That guy is gonna find you So watch your back! I'm an evil tratarustrial extraturustrial Babe Ya know I'll never come It's up from above I'll just do this again (HEY!) So believe me when I tell you that there's nothing to recover the love (OH!) But don't believe me when I save your li-i-i-ife! So ba-bay! Havent seen ya latel-ay You have crushed my heart Then had teared it apart! If only you knew! I was fallin for you! But now that's not true so bye bye sist-ah Ya mean nothin to me so stop it with the rap You know you're pathedic, Lisa you're the worst ev-ah So return with your life I'll do what I like! Ya mean nothin Ba-bay you sho-o-ould be destroyed! So this is the end I'm not sayin bye! Ya too mean so just die, moth-ah f**k-ah

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