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  • CreddieLuv4eva

    What does everyone ship along with the iCarly ships? You can name current ships, OTPs (especially those :P), and pairings you used to ship and either hate now or still love ;)

    Here's my list of ships-some are still kickin', some I gave up on, and some I still have a soft spot for:

    Romione (Ron/Hermione)

    Harmony (Harry/Hermione)-I know these kind of contradict each other



    Barney/Robin (HIMYM) (still shipping)

    Jackie/Hyde (That '70s Show) (still shipping)

    Donna/Eric (That '70s Show)

    Sheldon/Penny (TBBT)

    Leonard/Penny (TBBT)



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  • CreddieLuv4eva

    Since there's been a LOT of discussion about the news of Sam & Cat recently, I thought I would submit my own opinion based on what little information we've been given so far. I would really appreciate other points of view and input here though :)

    Not wanting to get overconfident here, but I'm almost 100% sure now that iCarly has to end with either endgame Creddie or neutral relationships. There would be no point in Dan ending the show with Seddie if he's just going to turn around and have Sam in the new show go out on her own, and not be with Freddie. I doubt the Seddiers would want that even if Freddie guest stars 'occasionally'. Talk about the rug getting pulled out from under their feet after so long (would you want your OTP to be endga…

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  • CreddieLuv4eva

    Another random blog

    What are your favorite bands? What kinds of music do you listen to the most? What music has special meaning for you? Do you have a favorte song, or used to? Please share and get the ball rolling ;D

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  • CreddieLuv4eva

    So we all have our own thoughts about the true implications of the two scenes in iOpen a Restaurant that seem to reveal Freddie's crush on Carly has returned. It's quite possible Dan's just trolling us again, to stir up the shippers and maintain interest until the end of the show, as Seddiers think. But even if I am a biased Creddie shipper, I can't help feeling Dan wouldn't do this without it having some important bearing on later events. So this blog is to freely analyze what the scenes really mean, so we can figure out what Dan's real purpose for including them is. I promise to try to look at these scenes with an open mind, as an unbiased fan, to try to get what's really going on more clearly. And I want to hear the opinions of both Cre…

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  • CreddieLuv4eva

    Another blog that started as a rant on the Creddie page and became blog-length.

    So I saw this exchange on the Seddie page, among others-

    Creddiers may want this to happen:-

    Freddie: Hey, Sam. I don't love you.

    Sam: Me neither.

    Freddie: Hey Carls, I love you.

    Carly: Yay! I love you two! (then they kiss)

    Yeah right people.................

    Comments- Like that's going to happen. . . :P

    haha that was seriously hilarious

    IKR?? Sooo irritating :P


    I know, I know, you don't have to tell me. it's the Seddie page. They have the right to say whatever they want. (but don't you say anything at all offensive about Seddie or Seddie shippers, because then you're just being petty and rude and you deserve the attacks you get from at least five of us in the first hour…

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