Ok, so really, how many of the iCarly episodes have you watched?? we wanna know! are you a bonafide fan, watching every single one since the series premeire? or are you a newer fan and/or often rely on reruns to catch wat you missed (tht would be me)?

Let us know how much you've seen, and any you've missed (if you have)!

as for me...I've watched all but 7 1/2 of all iCarly episodes. Here are the ones I missed- iPilot (first one)...its almost never shown on reruns and i cant find it online; iWant more viewers; iLike Jake; iScream on Halloween; iChristmas; and iBloop.

I also missed half of iGo to Japan.

Have you seen it all yet? And can you remember which episode you saw first? (it was iThink They Kissed for me)

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