I've just created this as a kind of archive to collect all the Creddie userboxes (so we remember all of them and can use them) that aren't included on the main userboxes page. Here a few to start. I'll keep adding them as I find and create them.

If you add any, make sure you tell the template code so others can make it too Thanks! :)

I don't know if this should have its own wiki it allowed?

Themoment Creddie...what a wonderful feeling! <3

Creddie Feeling (remember to make a userbox, you type the template with 2 { } around it)

Credheart iWill Always Ship Creddie!!! <3


Shouldergrab iAm a Creddie Defender!!!


Watrbottle This user has shipped Creddie since the first episode!! <3


I will find more and add them. If you know of any, plese add them! And let me know if you think this is okay to use as a new wiki page (it would be nice to have an archive page for Creddie userboxes so we could use them again easily).

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