First off, this isn't going to be yet another blog about all the reasons why Creddie is way better than Seddie (or vice versa). A lot of users use this wikia to insist one ship is better than the other. And yes, my username is CreddieLuv4eva, but it doesnt I really, really hate Seddie like some fans do. So I'm not going to say Creddie's better or anything.

All this blog will be about is, my current thoughts on the "ships". Stuff like, how important are the "ship colors", really? and whether certain things really could mean anything more than "just being a good friend", like when Freddie gets rid of Missy to help Sam in iReunite with Missy, for example.

So..having rewatched a few 2nd season episodes today, I did think of this issue. Neither ship gets much attention in any episode, outside of the ones where the plot revolved around a ship (like iSaved Your Life). Sometimes there's a scene where we're reminded Freddie has a crush on Carly, or Sam spanks Freddie again (lol), but most of the time their behavior could be read as just that of good friends if one wasn't reading everything as "Creddie" or "Seddie" actions.

It seems everything, even just a glance, sitting next to each other, or wearing a "relationship" color (like purple-more on those later), can be seen by avid fans as hints that Carly likes Freddie, or Sam does, or Freddie likes one of them, etc.

But the truth is? Most of the time the writers probably aren't putting that much thought into what a scene might or might not imply about one or the other ship. This show isn't called "iLove Freddie" or anything. They just want to write a funny show, most of the time.

Sometimes a smile between Sam & Freddie (or Carly & Freddie, i dont care) is just a smile between good friends, and nothing more. Even if we want to think it means more.

More thoughts later :) keep on shipping!

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