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What are ALL your ships??

What does everyone ship along with the iCarly ships? You can name current ships, OTPs (especially those :P), and pairings you used to ship and either hate now or still love ;)

Here's my list of ships-some are still kickin', some I gave up on, and some I still have a soft spot for:

Romione (Ron/Hermione)

Harmony (Harry/Hermione)-I know these kind of contradict each other



Barney/Robin (HIMYM) (still shipping)

Jackie/Hyde (That '70s Show) (still shipping)

Donna/Eric (That '70s Show)

Sheldon/Penny (TBBT)

Leonard/Penny (TBBT)


Cabbie <3

Bade (might be the only victorious ship happening now /:)


Lamille (BTR)

Lily/Marshall (HIMYM)

Lizzie/Gordo (of course)

Donna/Hyde (That 70s Show)-only briefly

Chandler/Monica (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

Joey/Phoebe (Friends)

That's all I can remember for now. I'll probably remember the rest later :P

I actually don't have an OTP right now-it's too hard to pick one xD

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