Anyone who's visited this website- Fanfiction-iCarly -and checked out all the stories written by fans (many of which are really good writers and come up with some incredibly creative concepts) probably has some favorites that they've read on the site. Some of you may even have written one or two pieces of your own! (or more!)

So for any of you who've read or dabbled in fanfiction (who hasn't?), here's a few questions!

1. What are your very favorite stories-funniest, most creative, most interesting, etc.?

2. What are your favorite "shipping" stories-if your a Seddie for example, what are the best ones written by Seddies you've read?

3. Have you ever written any pieces of fanfiction, in any form? (Creating fan videos and uploading them to youtube counts) If so, what were they about?

A few of my favorites from the website-

iHit the Open Road (creddie) by Phunky

Torn Between Girls (Seddie/Creddie/other) by icarlyfreak

Beneath the Pale Moonlight (Seddie/Creddie) by sockstar (i usually love sockstar stories in general)

Some by Phenglei Khai

plus more-I'm finding more there are so many to remember :D


I am also currently making several videos to upload to youtube, they are episodes of iCarly I wrote and the videos are made using pictures with text captions. I'll include links when finished if anyone's interested! :)


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