Ok so everybody is talking about the new upcoming episode #310 iOMG-the episode page just hit 1000 comments, while on the Seddie page comments have gotten to 22k! It looks like it's going to be the big Seddie episode that the Seddie shippers have been waiting 2 years for.

Her's what I want to know-

Seddies-so isnt this the greatest moment of your shippin lives?? how do you think IT will happen (or wat do you WISH would happen)?

Creddies-how do you feel about this?? did the promo make you sad (it made me kiinda sad..tho i know seddie deserves to hav an episode finally)? and do you think this could end in a (permanent) relationship?

And does anyone have any predictions? I know Dan is being VERY secretive about this one even on his Fun Facts...but if anyone has ideas bout the plot I want to know :)

Last thing-does anyone know the lyrics/title to that song they play in the promos?? gotta hav it for my videos xD


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