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    Goodbye, iCarly.

    November 24, 2011 by CreddieMakesMeSmile

    Hey guys, I haven't been on this wiki in a matter of weeks, and I have come to the decision of leaving the wiki. This wiki is so much fun, but I have grown out of iCarly. I've grown out of Seddie and Creddie. I really don't even watch Nick or Disney anymore. I have a new obsession with The TV show Glee, and I compared iCarly and Glee, and have found a big difference in the shows. I realized that I like the more dramatic, realistic shows. If you would like, you may come and visit me on the Glee Wiki. My username there is Finchel4TheWin, I'm sure I will reply to your messages and such. I enjoyed watching iCarly and discussing it with you guys, and me and my fellow creddiers exciting over the fact there was one hint of carly's jealousy. I wil…

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  • CreddieMakesMeSmile

    So should I?

    I posted a comment on @MaryanHPotter98's blog, and all the seddiers kept saying mean stuff to me, and poor @Kittygirl7878 was trying to defend me, and the Seddiers went all ganged-up on her. And I know I said I wasn't leaving, but I kind of changed my mind. And anyway, I don't really have many friends on this wiki. I have a few, like @SamBenson.

    The truth is, I was trying to be one of the nicer creddiers, like, @Mrs. prez. I guess I failed.

    So, let me make a list....


    -Mean seddiers

    -Kind of Depressing to see ship warring

    -Too much drama, and there isn't any way to stop it.

    -Trolls, IMPERSONATERS, pedophiles, etc.

    - too much trouble..

    Reasons why I should stay


    I don't know.

    So, do you want me to stay?


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  • CreddieMakesMeSmile

    It all started with one word.

    Who knew one word would get THIS dramatic??

    All he said was "hi".

    Then we got into a conversation about Seddie And Creddie, since this was an iCarly wiki..

    But then it went into....

    Creddie/Seddie kissing...

    Creddie/Seddie dating...



    I was wierded out by the things he described in the way he thought it would happen.

    I mean, being 11, i dont know much about it. I only knew it was the way "people made babies"

    But now, thank you, KATYDIDIT....

    When i hear that word, weather its 6 in latin, Sam/Rex, or a spelling mistake, what Katydidit summarized came up into my head. Then came the wierd questions.

    "Have you ever done it?"

    "Have you done it solo?"

    "Who did you do it to?"

    Then i started freaking out. I …

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  • CreddieMakesMeSmile

    Okay, this is my first blog post, so please comment! :)


    1: Seddie. Right now, all the icarly fans, Creddie OR Seddie, are either thinking "I'm never watching it. Again!" or "YES, I'm gonna watch forever!" but we are all thinking the same thing. Whats next."Now, some might disagree, but I think way back in our minds, we have a tiny voice saying " Seddie will happen. " am I right? Probably. Nobody know if it'll happen. That little voice is " not " controlling you. It's you that should think. Dont let it ruin your whole life. This goes for seddiers and creddiers. Seddiers: don't go all crazy and watch every little icarly to see if there is a promo. And creddiers, dont cry and not go anywhere for the rest of your life. Keep your h…

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