It all started with one word.

Who knew one word would get THIS dramatic??

All he said was "hi".

Then we got into a conversation about Seddie And Creddie, since this was an iCarly wiki..

But then it went into....

Creddie/Seddie kissing...

Creddie/Seddie dating...



I was wierded out by the things he described in the way he thought it would happen.

I mean, being 11, i dont know much about it. I only knew it was the way "people made babies"

But now, thank you, KATYDIDIT....

When i hear that word, weather its 6 in latin, Sam/Rex, or a spelling mistake, what Katydidit summarized came up into my head. Then came the wierd questions.

"Have you ever done it?"

"Have you done it solo?"

"Who did you do it to?"

Then i started freaking out. I told my parents, and they called those hotline things for sexual assault online, and they helped me. Then, a short while after, he was banned. Then i found out he was a 48 YEAR OLD MAN.

That was a DISGUSTING picture in my head.... really, really gross.

im sorry to everyone who has experienced this, and together, we can all stop this.


woah, cheesy xD


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