Okay, this is my first blog post, so please comment! :)


1: Seddie. Right now, all the icarly fans, Creddie OR Seddie, are either thinking "I'm never watching it. Again!" or "YES, I'm gonna watch forever!" but we are all thinking the same thing. Whats next."Now, some might disagree, but I think way back in our minds, we have a tiny voice saying " Seddie will happen. " am I right? Probably. Nobody know if it'll happen. That little voice is " not " controlling you. It's you that should think. Dont let it ruin your whole life. This goes for seddiers and creddiers. Seddiers: don't go all crazy and watch every little icarly to see if there is a promo. And creddiers, dont cry and not go anywhere for the rest of your life. Keep your hopes up, and live like you would for any other episode.

2: Signs. Dan is giving creddiers lots of little signs. He's not mentioning creddie at all. Barely, anyway. Do you think that might be a sign? Maybe he's zipping his mouth shut about creddie, but he wouldn't wanna let the seddiers down. There will probably be a little of each in season five. Will Carly be jealous of the kiss? Will ISYL come up again? Will the slow dance in ISD come up? its the last season. All the little questions will be answered.


I hope you enjoyed my blog.

Don't lose hope, even seddiers, and cammers, and spammers.

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