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Should I Leave the wiki?

So should I?

I posted a comment on @MaryanHPotter98's blog, and all the seddiers kept saying mean stuff to me, and poor @Kittygirl7878 was trying to defend me, and the Seddiers went all ganged-up on her. And I know I said I wasn't leaving, but I kind of changed my mind. And anyway, I don't really have many friends on this wiki. I have a few, like @SamBenson.

The truth is, I was trying to be one of the nicer creddiers, like, @Mrs. prez. I guess I failed.

So, let me make a list....


-Mean seddiers

-Kind of Depressing to see ship warring

-Too much drama, and there isn't any way to stop it.

-Trolls, IMPERSONATERS, pedophiles, etc.

- too much trouble..

Reasons why I should stay


I don't know.

So, do you want me to stay?

CreddieMakesMeSmile 02:04, August 31, 2011 (UTC)

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