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    Ok, so I was looking at the other blogs that say 'guess the tv show' and 'guess that friggin quote' so I figured I'd make a blog for song lyrics. Here's an example:

    User 1: Because of you I never stray to far from the sidewalk

    User 2: Because of You by Kelly Clarkson?

    User 1: Correct!

    So have fun and play nicely! (LOL, just kidding.)

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  • CreddieNiranda

    This is the second chapter of my Creddie story. Hope you enjoy it!

    Chapter 2: iWorry about Freddie

    (Carly is in her room thinking about her kiss with Freddie.)

    Carly: (thinking)

    <i haven't seen Freddie for a few days. I hope he's ok.>

    (her phone rings)

    Carly: (answers her phone) Hello?

    Sam: (on the phone) Hey Carls.

    Carly: (angry) Oh. Hey Sam.

    Sam: What's wrong?

    Carly: You blurted out that I kissed Freddie! I haven't seen him since then! I hope you're happy!

    Sam: Ok...ok. Calm down Carly.

    Carly: I won't calm down! Why did you do that anyway?!

    Sam: Sorry! I just wanted to see his face.

    Carly: (calms down) Ok. But there's only one way for you to make it up to me.

    Sam: How?

    Carly: You have to come talk to him with me.

    Sam: I don't wanna talk to Frednub.

    Carly: Too …

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  • CreddieNiranda


    February 28, 2011 by CreddieNiranda

    I have gotten some ideas from my friends. Chapter 2: iWorry about Freddie will be posted soon.

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  • CreddieNiranda

    Ideas for a Chapter 2

    February 28, 2011 by CreddieNiranda

    Hey guys. I was wondering if you guys could help me with some ideas for Chapter 2: iWorry about Freddie. Give me ideas!

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  • CreddieNiranda

    Chapter 1: iValentines Day

    (Carly and Sam are at their lockers talking)

    Sam: I hate Mondays.

    Carly: No doubt.

    Freddie: (walks up behind them) Hey.

    Carly: Hey.

    Sam: Frediloopay.

    Freddie: I can't believe that Valentines Day is in 2 days.

    Carly: I know. I still need a date for the dance on Wednesday.

    Freddie: Well... they say Valentines Day is a great day for people to start dating...

    Carly: Freddie...

    Freddie: I know. But I am a great dancer. If you can't find a date, I'll be yours for the night.

    Carly (thinking)

    Sam: Those dances make me sick.

    (bell rings)

    Freddie: Later.

    Carly: Later.

    (The next day)

    Carly: (answers the door after someone knocks) Hey, Freddie.

    Freddie: Hey. Have you found a date for the dance yet?

    Carly: No.

    Freddie: The offer is still open.


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