Chapter 1: iValentines Day

(Carly and Sam are at their lockers talking)

Sam: I hate Mondays.

Carly: No doubt.

Freddie: (walks up behind them) Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Sam: Frediloopay.

Freddie: I can't believe that Valentines Day is in 2 days.

Carly: I know. I still need a date for the dance on Wednesday.

Freddie: Well... they say Valentines Day is a great day for people to start dating...

Carly: Freddie...

Freddie: I know. But I am a great dancer. If you can't find a date, I'll be yours for the night.

Carly (thinking) <Well, it wouldn't hurt. I mean, I haven't seen him dance, but he is really cute.>

Sam: Those dances make me sick.

(bell rings)

Freddie: Later.

Carly: Later.

(The next day)

Carly: (answers the door after someone knocks) Hey, Freddie.

Freddie: Hey. Have you found a date for the dance yet?

Carly: No.

Freddie: The offer is still open.

Carly: (thinking) <Ok. You've had your time to think about it. Just say yes.> Ok.

Freddie: Awesome.

Spencer: Did I just here that you guys are going to a dance together?

Carly: Don't rub it in.

Mrs. Benson: Freddie! You didn't put on your ointment!

Freddie: (groans) I'm coming! Later.

Carly: (giggles) Later.

(Valentines Day. Carly is at her locker humming Girlfriend and thinking about when Valerie dated Freddie with a look of anger on her face.)

Freddie: Hey. Can't wait for our dance.

Carly: (calms down) Don't think of it as a date, because it's not.

Freddie: Whatever you say.

(bell rings)

Carly: Bye.

(Later that day, Carly is getting ready for her dance with Freddie)

Carly: (thinking) <How am I gonna tell him that I like him?>

(her alarm goes off)

Carly: (whispers) I gotta find a way to tell him.

Freddie: (knocks at her door and comes in) Hey.

Carly: I'm ready Freddie.

Freddie: Let's go then.

(at the dance)

Freddie: (thinking) <Am I really here with Carly? It has to be a dream. Usually, she would still say no. Is she starting to like me?>

Carly: (listening to the slow playing music)

Freddie: Wanna dance?

Carly: Sure.

(as they're dancing, they look into each others eyes)

Carly: (thinking) <Tell him Carly! Either kiss him or tell him, but don't just dance with him looking like an idiot!>

Freddie: (thinking) <Does she like me?>

Carly: (thinking) < DO IT NOW!> (kisses him)

Freddie: (sits down)

Carly: I should leave. (leaves)

Freddie: WAIT!

(The next day, Carly is telling Sam about the dance and her kissing Freddie.)

Sam: You did what?!?

Carly: I kissed Freddie.

Sam: What did he say?

Carly: I left before he could say anything.

Sam: Carly! You're not supposed leave after you kiss a boy!

Carly: How do you know?

Sam: Remember Crazy Carlos?

Carly: Yeah.

Freddie: Hi.

Carly: (looks down) Hi Freddie.

Sam: I here you guys kissed!

Carly: SAM!

(the bell rings)

Freddie: Oh look! The bell! Bye!

Carly: Freddie wait!

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