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    Ok so i think if im not right that iHire an Idiot is the next episode of iCarly. I remember that when they were filming this episode that it was pajama day on set. Dan put up a whole bunch of pictures of the run-thru they were doing and the one that stood out to me was the one where Carly and Freddie looked serious in the hallway like they were arguing. After iStart a Fan War and no one ended up together i was VERY disappointed so i dont know if this means more Creddie or more Seddie. I seriously doubt that there will be any shipping in this episode though. I still think its too early for a shipping to happen. What i think will happen in this episode is Freddie has to leave for a week or something (i really dont know) and Carly and Sam ne…

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    iCarly Survey

    November 24, 2010 by CreddieSeddieFreak20

    Ok so i was just curious and i was wondering what you would like better. Just remember this your opinion and you can be completely honest! Sorry i was gonna put pictures but somethings wrong with my computer! If you want to you can put none next to an answer.

    1. a) Seddie b) Creddie

    2. a) Cibby b) Sibby c) Tibby d) Fibby

    3. a) Spam b) Cam c) Sparly

    4. a) Carly b) Sam c) Freddie d) Spencer

    5) a) Nevel b) T-Bo c) Gibby d)Guppy

    6. a) Season 1 b) Season 2 c) Season 3 d) Season 4

    7. What is your favorite episode of iCarly EVER!

    8. What is your least favorite episode of iCarly

    9. Whats your favorite episode of season…

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  • CreddieSeddieFreak20

    Hey guys! I was just wondering you know how Season 4 is kind of ok and the recent episode iStart A Fanwar really disappointed me? Well i was just curious to see what your favorite episode of iCarly EVER! And your least favorite episode of iCarly.

    Well lets see my absolute favorite episode of iCarly would have to be iTake On Dingo because this episode is super funny!! I love the whole Spencer and Freddie thing where they try to get Charles Dingos head. I also love Sams line "May I get Swingy"? And of course i love Bikini Dog Food Fight!

    My least favorite episode of iCarly would probably be anything in Season 1 but the one i really cant stand is iStakeout! I mean come on really? Two cops come in your house and steal all of your food and make y…

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