Ok so i think if im not right that iHire an Idiot is the next episode of iCarly. I remember that when they were filming this episode that it was pajama day on set. Dan put up a whole bunch of pictures of the run-t
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hru they were doing and the one that stood out to me was the one where Carly and Freddie looked serious in the hallway like they were arguing. After iStart a Fan War and no one ended up together i was VERY disappointed so i dont know if this means more Creddie or more Seddie. I seriously doubt that there will be any shipping in this episode though. I still think its too early for a shipping to happen. What i think will happen in this episode is Freddie has to leave for a week or something (i really dont know) and Carly and Sam need to have a fill-in technical producer so they have job interviews and they find this cute guy named Cort and they hire him only because he is cute and they dont care if he is an idiot or not. So Freddie isnt happy about it and he argues with Carly in
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the hallway about it. Finally they realize after a few shows of iCarly that is an idiot and knows nothing about technical stuff and they realize they were stupid to hire him and they fire him and Freddie is back!!! Then Dan also posted some pictures of Spencer on his twitter. Probably Spencer and Gibby will be the sub-plot. The pictures showed Spencer trying to sneek his bottle bot into an art museum and i think he gets caught. My predictions for that are Spencer is getting tired of seeing the bottle bot so he wants an Art Museum in Seattle to put it in there. But maybe somehow spencer cannot get it in and he trys to sneak it in there. He gets caught by the security guard and he has Gibby try to get it in.

I really want to know your predictions for this episode so please comment!
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