Ok so i was just curious and i was wondering what you would like better. Just remember this your opinion and you can be completely honest! Sorry i was gonna put pictures but somethings wrong with my computer! If you want to you can put none next to an answer.

1. a) Seddie b) Creddie

2. a) Cibby b) Sibby c) Tibby d) Fibby

3. a) Spam b) Cam c) Sparly

4. a) Carly b) Sam c) Freddie d) Spencer

5) a) Nevel b) T-Bo c) Gibby d)Guppy

6. a) Season 1 b) Season 2 c) Season 3 d) Season 4

7. What is your favorite episode of iCarly EVER!

8. What is your least favorite episode of iCarly

9. Whats your favorite episode of season 1?

10. Whats your favorite episode of season 2?

11. Whats your favorite episode of Season 3?

12. Whats your favorite episode of Season 4?

13. Who is your favorite character out of the whole series? (it could be a minor character that only appears in one episode ;-)

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