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  • Creddie 4 real

    Okay Creddiers! Lets make a list of why Creddie should/will happen in the future of iCarly. Since Seddie broke up, we have tons of hope for Creddie. I will advise for only Creddiers to read this blog. But if you're going to be respectful, and if you want to help (which I doubt you want to, since iLY) go right ahead! I'll start.

    1. Freddie has always loved Carly.

    2. She has called him her best friend.

    3. When they hug he can't let go.

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  • Creddie 4 real

    I'm getting confused about these dares.

    At first I thought 'oh, that is a good idea of a game we can all play.' But now, it's kinda getting out of control.

    For one thing, you never know if someone is telling the truth about something or it's just a dare. Example: Someone said on the Creddie page that they almost died. At first, I believed it. Also someone said on the Creddie page that they were converting to Creddie, I also believed it.

    Now, I'm confused. Anyone feeling this way?

    -Creddie 4 real


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    So..... what's up people? This new blog is mainly directed for the Creddie audience, but Seddiers can come too.(Just remember, if you don't like other Creddie Shippers' comments, don't respond).

    This blog is basically for Creddiers to let out their thoughts about iLLM and the whole idea of Seddie probably happening this whole Season. Don't give up Creddiers! There have been some very encouraging and understanding Seddiers. And don't worry, iCarly ain't ova!



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    Hi! CreddieLuv4eva and me are making a new wiki. It is a Creddie/Niranda wiki. Here is the link: Please join.

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    This blog is really an advice column. (I'm bored, so yeah ) This is for everybody of the wiki. If you want advice with something, comment below and I'll try my best to answer!! This is for fun, and some of my advice will have a little bit of comedy in them LOL!

    Creddie 4 Real 21:03, May 25, 2011 (UTC)Creddie 4 real

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