Okay, some Seddiers are really overconfident that Sam loves Freddie and that Creddie doesn't have a chance of happening. BUT, some people have forgotten that Carly suddenly kissed Freddie like Sam did. There is no proof that Sam loves Freddie, it could be mixed emotions or just a crush. Carly kissed Freddie because it looked like she was grateful for saviing his life. But nobody really knows if Carly really thought Freddie was bacon. But Sam could have kissed Freddie for other reasons. There is no evidence that she loves him, after the kiss, the episode ended--a cliffhanger.

Just wanted to make a point..feel free to disagree. Remeber, Creddie can still happen, so don't be too sure. probably it would take some time to happen and for now just a little moments here and there...Blah, blah, whatever..Comment if you feel like it.

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