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Mini Creddie Fanfics

For all the sad Creddiers, here is a way to let out your anger/sadness. Write mini Creddie fanfics to what could happen after iOMG. You can also share random Creddie moments from other episodes. Seddiers can do this too if you want.

Example 1: Carly: You and Sam kissed!

Freddie: Actually she kissed me.

Carly: So do you love Sam?

Freddie: Actually I still love you.

Carly: Really? I love you too!

They Kiss

Example 2: From iBelieve In Bigfoot

Carly: Those two squirrels are wrestling

Freddie: Carly?

Carly: Hm?

Freddie: They aren't wrestling

Carly: Ohhh (I can't remember the exact words)

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