Okay I've noticed alot of people don't like Miranda. Why? None of us even know her, I'm sure. She is pretty, a good singer, and a good actress. What about her that you don't like? Some people say that she is ugly, which I can't see why do they say that. Other's say that her acting is poor, or that her acting is fake. Miranda is a great actor! In Drake and Josh, she played a bratty, evil little prankster, Megan, In iCarly, She is playing Carly, who's character is totally different from Megan. And she has been in movies which really showed off her acting skills. Remember, If there wasn't any Miranda, there won't be any iCarly.

You really cannot like someone you don't know, if you don't like her, why? I understand why you don't like Carly, but why Miranda!

If You like Miranda, GREAT!!!


Miranda C.

Don't hate, APPRECIATE!!!!!!

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