We all are so excited to see the new episode, iOMG, right? And the episode totally looks like Seddie or Sam/Brad is going to happen, right? But it mostly looks like Seddie, right? And Freddie looks like he is talking to Sam about his relationship with her, right? To me, this episode does not look like a Seddie episode. I am not saying this because I am a Creddier. So far in this season the promos were all miisleading, especially in iStart A Fanwar, we expected Creddie/Seddie to happen, but none happened.

In an interview about iStart a Fanwar Nathan said there will be a twist, but there wasn't a twist. And in the promo it looked like a pairing would happen. You can't be so sure Seddie happen in iOMG, and you can't be so sure of Creddie or Cam happening. There could be an actual twist in this episode, to none of the ships happening. My speculation is that when Freddie was talking to Sam, it was in a friendly sort of way. When I first watched the promo, I was literallly freaking out!

But when I watched the promo for the second time, I thought that anything could happen. So tell me; do you think:

Creddie will happen, Seddie will happen, or Cam will happen.

Feel free to say your opinions, agree, or disagree. DEBATE/DISCUSS!!

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