Agent Violet
Hello all of you!

My name's Petunia, but I am known by my family, Violet

I am Seddie Lover's Elder Twin Sister (I think some of you have heard of me)

I go on lots of wiki's to help

I am heartbroken

My sister is special to me

But other Creddie fans were being mean to her

So she went in a deep depression and took her ladtop into our parents room

She is too mad to talk (though she said a few words to me) or even get out the bedroom

I'm mad at Creddie4ever, but I can see she's sorrow

I can tell

I want my sister back to the way she was

She said girls named: Creddie Niranda Lover and Creddie4ever were being rude to her

This is due because beloved sister's a Seddie Fan, I can't blame her

I don't care which ship ends up!

All of you who are being competitive please stop it at once!

Written by: Creddie Lover

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