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  • CreddieorSeddie

    Ok, so I haven't been on this wiki in a while, but I have been watching iCarly and I know what's going on. I was originally neutral, but after some thought, I was more of a creddie fan. However, this isn't the point I'm trying to make, just putting that out there. So first, I just want to say, I like Seddie, I respect Seddie, and I wouldn't be devastated if it happened. It's just come to my attention that every single blog I've read of Dan's, Seddiers completely dismiss Creddie from happening. I get frustrated by this because not only does it make me, but any other creddier have our hopes dwindle away. I'm glad they support their ship and are passionate about it, but they have sooo many episodes out about Seddie itself and implying their r…

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  • CreddieorSeddie

    I was bored so I decided to try an cheer you guys up or at the very least come up with cute pics to show you. I really had no idea how to just post onto your page so I decided to do this instead lol :)

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  • CreddieorSeddie

    Ok, so I haven't been on this wikia in forever just so I wouldn't get to caught up in everything. I don't know if I'm late, but I just want to throw some ideas out there. First, I wanna talk all the way back to iOMG. So we all know what happened in iOMG. The remaining question was what Carly was there for. I heard awesome theories from you and some of my friends. Most think it was for that shock factor, and some feel it was kinda like when Sam saw Carly and Freddie dancing and looked hurt. I feel it was a mixture of the two. The reason I bring this up is it ties in with everything. Also, to explain, I use mostly logic when thinking about what is going to go down between ships. I realize seeing your two best friends kiss would be shocking, …

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  • CreddieorSeddie

    ok, so I'm writing this in fanfiction form from what I've heard. It has aspects from both ships, clearly since of what happened in iOMG, Seddie will be discussed more in this specific story, but Creddiers, you will love it to for the moments your ship share. This is a direct continuation just like I would picture it in July or whatever.


    Scene 1

    Scene Begins with what we last saw happen in iOMG with Sam and Freddie in the court yard.

    Sam: Sorry...

    Freddie: It's cool...

    [Carly looks shocked and upset through the window watching them]

    Sam: I..I don't know where that came from. I guess I was..caught up in the moment.

    Freddie: Ok, I'm already confused, don't make it even more confusing.

    Sam: You're right...I'm really Melanie.

    Freddie: Just stop ly…

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  • CreddieorSeddie

    Ok, so I'm just gonna state my opinion on all of the talk that "Carly will never do that to Sam because she is a good friend and that would make her look evil". Ok, now this may sound like I'm sticking up for creddie and maybe I am, but believe I have stuck up for Seddie also. I just don't label myself as a Creddie or Seddie, thus I'm neutral. So from my non-biased opinion, I feel that that statement is not all the way true. Carly would never wanna hurt Sam and would never be a bad friend, but her character is not perfect and she has feelings...maybe not for Freddie that we know of, but this will be a huge deal for her. I know people have stated this (along with me), but there is a huge difference between being jealous/hurt and stealing Fr…

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