Ok, so i was on looking at iCarly pictures and I was reading the captions and i was basically cussing nick out and I'll tell you why. Think back to ISAFW, do I need to go on? They were basically stating that there WILL be a love triangle and that carly IS jealous of Sam and Freddie. Although, that may be comforting to Creddies at this point, and believe me, I realize you guys need as much as you can get at this point, but what about Seddiers? Nick won't even let them have their moment. I recently asked you guys your opinion's on the subject with love triangles without even reading this before, but that's different, what I say means nothing lol. What nick posts on their website does matter however. This is getting a lot of people's hopes up and crushing others all at once. Nick really can't know much more than we do at this point right? Seeing is how Dan hasn't wrote them yet. I understand that they maybe wanted to lift the spirits of devastated creddiers, but come on. As I see it, we should just sit back and relax. What we see on the screen at the time it airs is what we get. Dan most likely wanted us to have no idea what is going to happen next even though from what it looked like it should be obvious. Whether your a seddier or Creddier, or neutral, you can't be sure of anything at this point so why get upset or flustered? That's what makes me upset about Nick's photos. I realize it's just a fun thing they do for fans, but i didn't like it. I did see a photo where it commeted on just seddie and just creddie which i liked because it kept each fanbase on their own "side". My other blog post is proof that what nick did got people excited or believing something that may or may not ber true. I seen numerous times during the comments of my blog people citing what nick said and on other fan pages. Think of ISAFW, look at what they did there, they honestly don't know what there talking about and they are an evil corporation that feeds on the disappoint of children everywhere lol sorry that was my rant for the day. I tried to tie in both creddiers and seddiers in this blog, but we really should just put the arguing over ships on hold because it gets depressing in all honesty. It makes people feel like they won't have it to look forward to anymore. So yeah I'm done ;)

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