ok, we've all watched iOMG about like 40+ times and if you haven't, we have you been? lol So the reason I ask you guys this is because, clearly, the last scene. We all loved the kiss between Sam and freddie and said it's about time! So what's the problem? Why would Dan make Carly witness the kiss? That it what I want to know. I believe it would be a good idea and a bad idea to have a love triangle. Don't be confused with my definition of love triangle. I would never ever want them to not be friends over it, but what I mean is since we know Sam loves freddie, where does Carly stand? Many believe that Carly has no feelings for freddie whatsoever, but that's mainly because they want no problrms for seddie. I believe having all of these feelings out in the open would make the show interesting. If carly really doesn't like freddie that's fine, but I believe some of those feelings are there. Episodes that prove this is ITTK, ISYL, and IHAI, simply because they "jealousy" as SOME would call it, was there and the feelings were there. I am really happy for Sam that she got those feelings off her chest and I think that they would be a great couple, but I just don't feel that we've seen the last of creddie. I say this as a neutral shipper and from just what I observe. How would you describe Carly's reaction to the seddie kiss version 2? Is it jus shock from seeing her two best friends kiss? Is it the feeling of defeat thinking freddie moved on? Is it jealousy that now she won't have freddie for herself? it's no secret Carly is amused by Freddie's feelings and probably uses them as a self-esteem booster, every girl does that. Knowing she doesn't have him anymore or feeling that way at least, she may admit to herself she does have those feelings or maybe to freddie. I don't mean right away, because i want to see seddie date because as I said, I love both ships, but I believe in time it will be known carly's true feelings on the two. What do you think will happen? Nobody is wrong it's just a matter of opinion! :)

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