After iParty with Victorious (11-13)

14. iDon't know

Freddie struggles with his thoughts on Sam's kiss and tries to figure out what he wants by going on a date with Sam. Carly follows them on their date. Spencer goes to the grocery store and gets locked in after it closes.

15. iQuit

Carly devolpes feelings for Brad and they go on a double date with Freddie and Sam. Freddie shows bitterness to brad on their date to Sam's confusion so they stay back and talk. After working it out they go back to Carly's apartment overhearing an arguement of Carly and brad's making Brad quit iCarly.

16. iBreak them up

When Sam and Freddie get into a fight, Carly indirectly pushes them to break up, but once she sees they are both miserable she tries her best to revive their relationship.

17. iSpeak Spanish

When Freddie's tracking chip gets messed up, he can only speak spanish and the gang tries to figure out how to stop it.

18. iAm not jealous!

When everyone starts to make accusations that Carly is jealous of Sam and Freddie, how will they learn to get around the awkwardness they create?

19-20 iForget

During a webcast, Sam gets hurt doing a skit and loses her memory of everything, including the people she cares for most. Will Carly, Freddie, and the rest of her friends get her through it?

These are just ideas I've had. Tell me what you think ok. :)

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