• Creddieshipper4ever

    Hey whoever is reading this. So last night (I think) I dreamt about Creddie and this what happened:

    Carly and Freddie were just chiling on the bean bags in the iCarly studio, then Carly and Freddie stare at each others' eyes and smiling really cutely at eachother, then they started to lean to each other and then THEY KISSED (aaaaaaaaaaaah) and then a random girl with a short brown hair and green eyes with a big nose popped out and stopped Carly and Freddie kissing, then random girl just said to me "wake up" and then it turns out my sis was saying that, I woke up and told her "Shut Up, you just ruined my beautiful dream", lol....

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  • Creddieshipper4ever

    iFinally love you

    Freddie: And were clear.....

    Carly: That was fun

    Sam: Yeah, I need ham now!! (goes downstairs)

    After Sam left....

    Freddie: Hey Carly, wanna go see my new video I made?

    Carly: sure

    Freddie: *plays the video about technology*

    Carly: *stares at Freddie for a little while then watches the video again*

    After the video ended......

    Freddie: Did you like it?

    Carly: yeah, except it's kinda bit boring

    Freddie: yeah sorry.....

    Carly: So ummm..... can we talk about something?

    Freddie: yeah sure, what is it?

    Carly: It's about this certain guy I like

    Freddie: Oh c'mon, I'm a dude and I don't talk about guys

    Carly: Well you have to!!

    Freddie: Uggh alright

    Carly: Well, he is brunette just like me and you, he is cute and sweet, when he smiles, it's like I j…

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