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iFinally Love You

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iFinally love you

Freddie: And were clear.....

Carly: That was fun

Sam: Yeah, I need ham now!! (goes downstairs)

After Sam left....

Freddie: Hey Carly, wanna go see my new video I made?

Carly: sure

Freddie: *plays the video about technology*

Carly: *stares at Freddie for a little while then watches the video again*

After the video ended......

Freddie: Did you like it?

Carly: yeah, except it's kinda bit boring

Freddie: yeah sorry.....

Carly: So ummm..... can we talk about something?

Freddie: yeah sure, what is it?

Carly: It's about this certain guy I like

Freddie: Oh c'mon, I'm a dude and I don't talk about guys

Carly: Well you have to!!

Freddie: Uggh alright

Carly: Well, he is brunette just like me and you, he is cute and sweet, when he smiles, it's like I just wanna hug him.....

Freddie: Annnddd??

Carly: Well umm, h-h-his name is F-F-Freddie

Freddie: What?? He has the same name as me??

Carly: It's because it is you!!

Freddie: *shocked* So you like me??

Carly: No

Freddie: But you just said......

  • Carly cut him off*

Carly: I love you!! *runs off crying*

Freddie: *follows her*


FIND OUT IN PART 2..............

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