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  • Crista96

    IMistake Part 9

    July 25, 2012 by Crista96

    Hi guys! Sorry, but right now I'm not too much on this wiki. I'm really busy in this summer. I confess the iCarly is not too exciting know there aren't new episodes. :( sadly. But when the new episodes comming ( I hope soon...) I won't be able to break away from this wiki! :))

    So this is my fanfic's 9th part. In this part Freddie will meet Gibby and they will talk a lot of things. So read and enjoy!

    /Freddie and Gibby are meeting infront of the Groovy Smoothie in the night./

    Freddie: Hi Gibby!

    Gibby: Hi! Are you still in dinner jacket?

    Freddie: I haven't got time change clothes yet.

    Gibby: Why?

    Freddie: I'll tell you later. What is the time?

    Gibby: Err....4 o'clock. Dude, it's late!

    Freddie: What do you think? Is T-bo here?

    Gibby: …

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  • Crista96

    IMistake Part 8

    June 25, 2012 by Crista96

    Hi everyone! I'm so sorry. I know I'm late....:S I was so hard to write this part! I don't know why! I didn't have an inspiration...Everyone could happen this. But finally I finish it! It was a long time I know... So this part takes place in a hospital and just Sam and Freddie in it. So read it! :)

    /at the hospital/

    /Freddie is sitting on the hospital corridor. He is looking nervous. A doctor is comming./

    Freddie: Excuse me! How is Sam Pucket?

    Doctor: She is still unconscious. The medical examinations say, she has got a strong concussion. I'd make sure she will stay for some days.

    Freddie: Can I visit her now?

    Doctor: However, she still unconscious, I think you can see her. But pay attection! She will become conscious soon.

    Freddie: Alright.…

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  • Crista96

    IMistake Part 7

    June 16, 2012 by Crista96

    Hey my readers! So this is the Part 7! I know you really wait the sequel! Do you remember? In the Part 6 Sam slipped over and she hit her head. :( It's a little bit short part, but nevermind prefer enjoy it!

    Freddie: *bending down to Sam* If it's just a stupid joke, please stop it!

    /Sam isn't moving, just lieing with close eyes./

    Freddie: *scary* Oh my God! *touch Sam's face* Sam, do you hear me? Don't do this with me! Do you hear? Please! *he's standing up* Okay. Just relax. I'm calling an ambulance. *taking out his phone* Hallo? Good evening...I want to report a girl in the Rideway Hihg School.....No. I think the girl is...unconscious.....Alright. In front of the school?...Okay. Thank you, goodbye! *he touch Sam's face again* There won't no…

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  • Crista96

    IMistake Part 6

    June 13, 2012 by Crista96

    Hiiiii! Crista here. If you don't remember the Part 5 just go back in my blogs and read it! So finally this is the Part 6. You'll never forget this part. This is the climax of the whole story! Worth it read!! So I am not speaking I just show you the Part 6! :))

    /Sam is in out, sitting on a bench. She is looking sad./

    Sam's P.O.V.

    How was I so blind? Oh my god! He just played with me. I don't believe it! No!

    /Sam remember the kisses (IOMG, ILost my mind). She recollet 3 little words ' I love you ' ' I love you too! '

    She is brusting into tears./

    Sam: *quiet voice* Lier! He lved Carly all along. He just took advantage of me. Oh my gosh! And I believed him! Chh....How was I so stupid?

    /She just imagine again and again: ' I love you.' ' I love you to…

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  • Crista96

    IMistake Part 5

    June 10, 2012 by Crista96

    Hello guys! Sorry I was really busy in the weekend so I can publish the next part now. Sorry again. Do you remember the previous part. Freddie flirted with Sam and they nearly kissed when Gibby came. Now this is the sequel...:)

    /Gibby and Freddie are running to the ball room. Carly is dancing in the middle of the dance floor, but there isn't any music. Everybody thinks Carly got crazy. Freddie is running to Carly./

    Freddie: Hey Carly! What are you doing?

    Carly: Heeey! I'm just dancing! I love this song.

    Freddie: *looking silly* There isn't any music!

    Carly: ...You are DEAF!

    Freddie: No I'm......agh! Just come with me!

    Carly: I don't wanna! I wanna have fuuun!

    Freddie: *leading Carly out* *to everybody* There isn't problem. Carly is... just... a li…

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