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Hi guys!

This is my first fanfic. I've never wrote fanfic yet. So the story is based on a school prom.

I know there are a lot of fanfic about the prom, but it doesn't look like none. The prom just secondary in the story. I kope you are a persistent reader because it is a long fanfic. I think it's very interesting so worth it read. Well is it a Seddie story? Or not just Cibby? I don't reveal it. ;) Read it and you'll know! :)

PS: Sorry if my english bad. I am not english or americain. I tried write with the my best english knowledge.

IMistake Part 1

/at the school/

Carly: *coming with a big smile in her face*

Sam: Hey Carls! What's up?

Carly: Hi! Nothink much. I'm just happy.

Sam: Why? A new boyfriend or what?

Carly: No, sadly...I just can't wait to the prom!

Sam: Oh yes.....the prom...

Carly: Will you come?

Sam: Errrr....I think yes.

Carly: *looking suprised* How?

Sam: I know if I say no, I would listen this all day: *girly voice* Sam, the prom is wonderful, this is an imprtant night in your life, don't leave it, blah-blah-bah...

Carly: *looking stupid* That's true!

/Gibby coming/

Gibby: Hi Carly, Sam!

Carly: Hi!

Sam: Hi G-man!

Gibby: Hey my name is...

Carly: Gibby!

Gibby: Yes! Do you see? Somebody knows!

Carly: Will you come to the prom?

Gibby: I don't know yet.

Carly: Just imagine, Sam comes!

Gibby: Wow! What happened?

Sam: Why everyone shocked?

Carly: I dunno. Just. And..... Have you got a dress?

Sam: No.

Gibby: Oh yes...Now coming the girly parts. Bye! See you later.

Sam: Bye bye!

Carly: You haven't got a dress. So, you have come with me to the mall, and buy one.

Sam: Ahg! I knew something like that comes next.

Carly: C'mon! You will enjoy it!

Sam: No, I'm not!

/They are leaving/

/at the Shay apartman/

/Carly and Sam come in the door with big bags/

Sam: Hi Spencer!

Carly: Spencer isn't be here. He gone to the supermarket.

Sam: I hope he'll buy some bacons.

/Carly's running to her room up on the stairs/

Sam: Where are you running?

Carly: To my room!

Sam: Try your dress up?

Carly: *smiling and girly voice* Yes!

Sam's P.O.V.

This is a very strange feeling. I used to hate the proms. But now...for something, I don't know why I wanna go. Maybe for the free foods and a beautiful dresses, music dance...Okay! Stop! It's weird. Where is Freddie? What is he doing now? Wait a sec! Why I'm thinking about him? It's scary...

Okay! So this is the Part 1 end. I hope you liked it. Part 2 is comming soon. I promise.

Write a comment! Bye!

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