IMistake Part 2

Hi! This is the Part 2! This is a short part but nevermind because the next will be longer. :)

/at the Shay apartman/

/Freddie coming in the door in dinner jacket/

Freddie: Hey hey!

Spencer: Hi kid! THIS! is my new statue! A rabbit with a huge yeast carrot.

Freddie: Awesome! *try to touch it*

Spencer: *suddenly hit Freddie's hand* Don't touch it!

Freddie: The girls?

Spencer: On the upstair. They've been there for a really really really long time. They're getting ready to the prom.

Freddie: Ah! OK. *his phone is ringing, he takes it up* hey Gibby!.......No, I'm at Spencer......OK. So ten minutes. Right. See ya!

Spencer: Will Gibby go to the prom too?

Freddie: Yes. I just asked him yesterday and he said Gibbeeeeeeeeeeh! I think it means yes.

/Gibby comming/

Gibby: Gibbeeeeeeeh!

Spencer: Hi!

Freddie: Hi! You're looking good!

Gibby: Thanks! You too!

Freddie: So, Spencer than we go. My mother take us to the prom.

Spencer: Alright. Than, I'm gooing to take Carly and Sam to the prom.

Gibby: Bye!

Freddie: Despedida!

/they are leaving/

Spencer: Oh! No! my rabbit's ear dropped down! Oh man....poor rabbit!

/Carly is walking down on the stairs. She's wearing a long, made of silk, purple dress with a black bow. She's looking wonderful./

Carly: What do you think? *turn around*

Spencer: You are a really pretty girl.

Carly: Thanks! Sam! Come here!

Sam: I don't wanna!

Carly: C'mon or you don't get more backon!

Sam: Okay!

/Sam is walking down on the stairs. She's looking shy. she is wearing a long gleaming red dress and there is a black lace on the dress's end. She is looking beautiful./

Spencer: Wow!

Carly: You are lookind pretty!

Sam: I feel like a pricness.

Carly: Camon princess! We will late!

/Carly, Sam and Spencer are leaving/

Thanks for a reading! Write, what do you think!

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