IMistake Part 3

Hello my friends!!!

This is the Part 3! Sam, Carly, Freddie and Gibby are on the prom. Read and enjoy the story!

/at the prom/

Spencer: OK. Here you are. So, if you wanna go home just call me.

Carly: OK. And if maybe...there is in a house, call the fire department! Not me!

Spencer: Hey! There won't fire!

/Carly and Sam staring/

Spencer: Alright. Have a good time! Bye! *leaving*

/Freddie and Gibby are comming/

Gibby: Hey girls! Carly, you're very pretty.

/Sam is "die-looking" at Gibby/

Gibby: You're both pretty!!! *he is hiding behind Freddie*

Freddie: Hi Carly! *staring at Carly* Awesome dress!

Carly: Thanks!

Freddie: And hi..... *he's just looking Sam up and down*

Sam: errr Sam? *looking embarassed*

/Gibby hits Freddie/

Freddie: *quickly* Yes! Cool dress!

Sam: * take her eyesbrow up* So...Whrer is the snack bar?

Gibby: *pointing left* There. Have you ever taste the the trout? It's brilliant! And the...

Sam: Who cares!!! There's a snack bar! *going there*

Gibby: Well...I promised to Wendy I will dance with her. So Gibby is going to dance. Yeah! *leaving*

Carly: Why are you so shocked? *giggle*

Freddie: Errrr...nothing.

Carly: *giggle* Nothing...*starts picking Freddie* Mmmm...I understand...Yes

Freddie: What?

Carly: Oh not important...for me...just for you...

/Freddie's looking stupid and shanking his head/

Freddie's P.O.V.

Wow! I've never see Sam in a dress. She is so amazing! This is a beautiful dress, but Sam is more beautiful. Yes, Carly is wonderful too, but Sam...When I see her I can't speak nad thinking just take pleasure in her. I can't believe it. Maybe I start love her again...Honestly I don't wanna it, but my feelings say another...

/at the snack bar a strange man walk around the snack bar. He is wearing an elephant costume./

Sam: Hey weird man! This is a prom. Not a fancy dress ball. Do you know?

Man: *nodding*

Sam: Sooo...Don't you wanna take off the costume?

Man: *shaking his head*

Sam: Okaayy...*going* Idiot...

Man: *take something out from his pocket and pour something into the punch*

/The man is going away/

Okay. I hope you enjoied this part! The next part is commig soon!!!!!!  :)))))

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