IMistake Part 4

Hello my friends! This is Crista! So this is the sequel. This is a really good part! Read it! I promise you will love it! :)

/Gibby and Carly are dancing to a fast song at the prom/

Gibby: Do you like the prom?

Carly: Yes! It's a big fan!

/the song is over/

Gibby: C'mon! I invite you for a glass of punch.

Carly: OK, but the punch is free for everybody.

Gibby: I know! I just wanna be polite.

/they're going to the snack bar/

Gibby: *take two glasses of punch* Your's. *giving to Carly the one*

Carly: Thank you! *drink it*

Gibby: *suddenly push him a boy and his glass fall down and broke* Dude!

boy: Oh sorry!

Gibby: Sorry? Now, my punch is on the floor!

Carly: Whatever! Prefer we go dance!

Gibby: *bending*

Carly: Don't lick the punch on the floor!

Gibby: *standing up* Okay...Let's go!


/at the lockers/

/Sam is standing in front of her locker. Freddie's comming./

Freddie: Hi! What's up?

Sam: I'm just standing, strearing and doing nothing.

Freddie: Aham.....errrr....Do you fancy walk out?

Sam: *thinking* OK. Go!

/they are walking out/

Freddie: And...What do you think about the prom?

Sam: A short summary: boring and boring, good foods, elephant man and so on. Can I ask you a question?

Freddie: Yeah?

Sam: Do you really wanna walk with ME?

Freddie: Sure. ...Why?

Sam: I don't know. Just.......nothing.

Sam's P.O.V.

Okay! I dunno what wanna Benson. A long time ago he prefer fight with a shark like walk wiht me. Well we here now, so I can picking him. Just a little bit...

Sam: Soooo...*funny flirty* What do think about my dress?

Freddie: Your dress?

Sam: Aham

Freddie: Hmm...Beautiful!

Sam: *looking suprised*

Freddie: And you're too!

Sam's P.O.V.

Now, this is the part, when I'm losing my mind!

Sam: *looking embarassed* Oh...

Freddie: Look Sam! I don't wanna fight again. *going to near Sam* And now there is a prom and I think you are really pretty.

Sam: Err...It isn't true...

Freddie: Yes, it is. *taking his heads to Sam's hip*

Sam: *blushing, but isn't resisting* Okay! If it is a stupid game, stop it!

Freddie: I'm not playing!

Sam: *looking silly* What do you want to do now?

Freddie: *sweetly smiling* I think you know.

/they're nearly kissing than..../

/Gibby is comming/

Gibby: Freddie! Come quickly!

/Sam and Freddie are goind apart/

Gibby: Oh...Sorry I didn't want to...

Freddie: What's the problem?

Gibby: Err...Carly is a little bit....You have to see this!

Freddie: *to Sam* Just a sec. *leaving with Gibby*

Sooooooooooo ..Do you like it? Please tell me, what do you think about this! And don't forget the next part is comming on Friday!!!! bye!

Crista :)

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