IMistake Part 5

Hello guys! Sorry I was really busy in the weekend so I can publish the next part now. Sorry again. Do you remember the previous part. Freddie flirted with Sam and they nearly kissed when Gibby came. Now this is the sequel...:)

/Gibby and Freddie are running to the ball room. Carly is dancing in the middle of the dance floor, but there isn't any music. Everybody thinks Carly got crazy. Freddie is running to Carly./

Freddie: Hey Carly! What are you doing?

Carly: Heeey! I'm just dancing! I love this song.

Freddie: *looking silly* There isn't any music!

Carly: ...You are DEAF!

Freddie: No I'm......agh! Just come with me!

Carly: I don't wanna! I wanna have fuuun!

Freddie: *leading Carly out* *to everybody* There isn't problem. Carly is... just... a little bit...nervous.

Carly: Huh?

/at the lockers/

Freddie: Hey Carly! Whta's up with you?

Carly: *giggle*Nothing!

Gibby: Oh man...Her behave is very strange.

Freddie: Yes, I see! What did she eat?

Gibby: Errr...cakes and one sandwich.

Freddie: Anything else?

Gibby: Oh and she drank a glass of punch.

Carly: I love punch!

Freddie: *thinking* Gibby! Come and check the punch!

Gibby: Alright! Gibby do this! *leaving*

Carly: You're hot!

Freddie: *taking his eyesbrow up* Carly! Do you wanna go home?

Carly: No! I wanna sing! La la la la ....

Freddie: Stop it! Are you feel good?

Carly: *giggle* Never better, boy who asking stupid questions for me...*laughing*

Freddie: What are you laughing?

Carly: *laughing* Nothing!

Freddie: *taking out his pearphone* Okay! I call Spencer!

Carly: Wait! No, no, no!

Freddie: Why?

Carly: Because I wanna do something...

Freddie: *bored* What do you wanna do?

Carly: This! *kissing with Freddie*



/Sam is walking./

Sam's P.O.V.

Sooo now what? Everything is cloudy. I don't understand! When I and Freddie nearly was magicial. I really wanted! I don't know why and how. Maybe when he comes back...maybe, not sure. But where is he? He gone a long time ago. OK. I look for him.

/Sam going into/

Sam: *find Gibby* Hey Gibs!

Gibby: Yes?

Sam: Did you see Freddie?

Gibby: Yes. He is at the lockers, but....

Sam: OK. Thanks! *going away*

Gibby: and she gone away.

/Sam is going to the lockers, but when she see Freddie and Carly, she suddenly stop. She see Freddie and Carly are kissing. Sam's looking angry and hurt. She is runnig away very fast./

I hope you "liked" it. I know this is Creddie ,but don't afraid that will be better...

Don't forget write a comment!

Crista :)

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