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IMistake Part 7

IMistake Part 7

Hey my readers! So this is the Part 7! I know you really wait the sequel! Do you remember? In the Part 6 Sam slipped over and she hit her head. :( It's a little bit short part, but nevermind prefer enjoy it!

Freddie: *bending down to Sam* If it's just a stupid joke, please stop it!

/Sam isn't moving, just lieing with close eyes./

Freddie: *scary* Oh my God! *touch Sam's face* Sam, do you hear me? Don't do this with me! Do you hear? Please! *he's standing up* Okay. Just relax. I'm calling an ambulance. *taking out his phone* Hallo? Good evening...I want to report a girl in the Rideway Hihg School.....No. I think the girl is...unconscious.....Alright. In front of the school?...Okay. Thank you, goodbye! *he touch Sam's face again* There won't nothing wrong. I hope... *he's taking Sam on his lap milky, and go away*


/At the street. in front of the school/

/Freddie is standing wtih Sam on his lap. The ambulance is arriving./

Ambulanceman: Is she the girl?

Freddie: Yes, she is. *put Sam to the stretcher*

Ambulanceman: Yes, I see...You were right. The girl is unconscious. I think she hit her head. *he's putting the stretcher to the ambulance*

Freddie: Can I go with her?

Ambulanceman: Are you a close relative?

Freddie: Errrr....She girlfriend.

Ambulanceman: *thinking* Alright. You can come.

/They get on the car and the ambulance drive away./

Freddie's P.O.V.

Oh my God. It's terrible. How did it happen? Poor Sam...She had get wrong everything. This is my fault. If I didn't kiss with Carly, it would never happen. I hope she become consious soon and we can discuss it. I hope she will forgive me.

/Freddie is just watching Sam and taking Sam's hand./


/at the Shay apartman/

/The door is opening. Gibby is standing and Carly is standing next to Gibby and she's sleeping on Gibby's shoulder./

Gibby: *looking at Carly* Always this happen. Go to a prom with a girl, dance and have fun, than the girl get crazy and when you take ehr home, she fall asleep!

/Gibby is lieing Carly to the sofa./

Gibby: Hey Spencer! Spenc! "Fine"! Her brother fell asleep too! *he's taking out a paper and writing* ...Carly got crazy, so ...Gibby took her home. *he's sticking the paper on Carly's forehead* Hmm...nice job!

/Gibby is taking out something from his pocket./

Gibby: And here's this! Sample of the punch! *looking at Carly* A very very bad drink! I have show it to my Mom. Gibby will find the truth out! *leaving*

That was the new part. I hope you liked it! Write a comment! :)

Crista <3

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