IMistake Part 9

Hi guys! Sorry, but right now I'm not too much on this wiki. I'm really busy in this summer. I confess the iCarly is not too exciting know there aren't new episodes. :( sadly. But when the new episodes comming ( I hope soon...) I won't be able to break away from this wiki! :))

So this is my fanfic's 9th part. In this part Freddie will meet Gibby and they will talk a lot of things. So read and enjoy!

/Freddie and Gibby are meeting infront of the Groovy Smoothie in the night./

Freddie: Hi Gibby!

Gibby: Hi! Are you still in dinner jacket?

Freddie: I haven't got time change clothes yet.

Gibby: Why?

Freddie: I'll tell you later. What is the time?

Gibby: Err....4 o'clock. Dude, it's late!

Freddie: What do you think? Is T-bo here?

Gibby: I don't know. *shouting* Hey T-bo, are you here?

Freddie: What are you doing?

Gibby: I ask T-bo that is he here.

Freddie: Rather knock!

Gibby: OK. *knocking*

Freddie: Nothing...

Gibby: Again. *knocking*

/T-bo is appearing behind the door. He is wearing pyjamas. He is looking sleepy./

T-bo: Hey!

Gibby, Freddie: *nervous* Hi!

T-bo: *just looking*..........*shouting* What are you doing here?!

Freddie: We ...just want to...

Gibby: ...come and drink shake...

T-bo: Do you believe, you come here at 4 o'clock in the morning, you knock and I open the shop just for you???

Freddie: *just looking*

Gibby: Yeah?

T-bo: *looking stupid* Alright. Come in!

Gibby, Freddie: Thanks!

T-bo: But it was the last time!

Freddie: Hey! Why are you here now?

T-bo: Errr...I...just...OK! I fell out with your mother!

Freddie: Right..

T-bo: Ok. Now I do like I'm doing shakes, but meanwhile I'm sleeping behind the bar.

Gibby: Ooookay.

/They are sitting down to a table./

Gibby: So tell me, what happened?

Freddie: So....When Carly got...crazy...

Gibby: *nodding* Aham?

Freddie: she.. just... kissed me. And while "we" kissed, Sam saw us. After she believed I love Carly therefore I kissed her.

Gibby: And it isn't true?

Freddie: Sure it isn't! You know I like Carly, but I...

Gibby: you still love Sam.

Freddie: ..Yes...

Gibby: Aham. I knew!

Freddie: So, after that I found Sam. She looked really sad. I tried explain everything, but she didn't let it. And we a little bit...grappled. Then suddenly she slipped over and she became unconsious. Then I called an ambulance and I took her to the hospital.

Gibby: Dude! You're a loser and a hero too!

Freddie: *sarcasm* Thanks!

Gibby: And what did say the doctor?

Freddie: She has got a srong concussion.

Gibby: Oh...poor Sam.

Freddie: *nodding* Hey! Did you find something in the punch?

Gibby: Oh yes! Gibbeah always find the answer to the questions! my mother examined, and you won't believe it!

Freddie: Did she find something "bad"?

Gibby: *looking flirty* Ahaaaa. Liquid nitric oxide.

Freddie: Wow! Then I understand everything!

Gibby: What do ya think? Who did this?

Freddie: *thinking*

Freddie, Gibby: Nevel!!

Sooo.. that was the 9th part. My fanfic has 10 parts so the final part comes soon. I try upload soon. I hope to have you looking forward. :)

Write what do ya think!


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