HI guys!!!

So I and my friend wrote a song! It's tittle SuperHero. :D

There isn't a melody yet...

Please read it and if you find a grammar fault just say! ( I am not english and american )


Once upon a time

When I was a child

I always read comics.

But I've never thought

I will be the boy

Who save the world,

I am a superhero!!!

-Put the plasticboards!

In the night

I come alive

Save the people's life.

I saved this cat,

But nobody knows that.

I'm a fabulous, perfect man,

You don't know who I am!

I'm a superhero!!!

-Put the plasticboards!

If a meteor wants crash the Earth

You needn't afraid - it will be my first


I stop it , and the world admire me

The president kneels down

And give me a city's key.

I just say BOOM!

And I fly far away.

I'm a superhero!!!

When the evil comes

And everybody runs,

This is my exercise!

- Chalange accept!

I just open my eyes

And looking so hard,

And the evil loses the fight.

I'm a superhero!!!!

I'm a superhero!!!!

I'm a superhero!!!!

So this is the song. Write a comment just honestly! I think it's funny.

PS: the "put the plasticboards" ....This is a dance. Dance like you put something up to the ceiling. :DD

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