Hey guys! Well, I'm surprised that I'm back on here despite being a freak last time. Look, I was new to the wiki and I didn't know what spamming or any of that stuff was, so I'm taking more responsibility in my blogging habits (as in, no more writting so many blogs in 1 day).

Anyway, I at least hope this blog won't sound stupid, albeit predictable: Seddie? Wow, I expected it to happen and I'm still surprised. Anyways, are you guys honestly happy with that? Sure, I'm happy about it, but I wouldn't have minded if that didn't happen. Know what I'm saying, here? Yeah. Well, I'm at least happy it was confirmed of Twitter about the possibility of Seddie and IOMG Part 2. Nice save, Dan. I mean, if he didn't plan on making a second part to IOMG, Sam and Freddie would've acted like it never happened.

In other news, I'm a bit worried right now. What I'm worried about is simple: I think I'm starting to like Nevel. Look, I know that the character's a bit pompous and wussy, but at the end of IPity The Nevel, I still sort of felt bad for him. Maybe he just had a hard past or he's just not socially fit with people like the iCarly gang. However, before that episode, I did like Reed Alexander, the actor that plays Nevel. I mean, I don't picture him in an Academy Award picture right now, but he looks like he has the potential; they all do (Jerry, maybe). Still, he's a good enough actor if he can play someone he's completely opposite of. Reed's also very caring. Good proof is that he helped with a program to help kids with cancer. That's just very sweet, and I bet his character Never would care less. To me, if someone plays a character that's completely opposite of the actor in real life, and he can make that character believable, that shows potential.

Moving on, can't wait for the Victorious crossover. Y'know, I also heard this rumor that they'd do a BTR crossover, too. I'm not so sure about it, but it'd seem fun. For some reason, I could picture Spencer and Carlos causing all sorts of mischief since they're the jokers. So another question, if they did to an iCarly-BTR crossover, would you be down with that? Also, what would be a good plot idea for that?

Okay, that's all the whirlwind of wow I can think of, albeit there wasn't anything to wow about (except the fact that I sounded so stupid). Anyways, thanks for reading. Bye!

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