• Crystal Briner115330


    March 27, 2011 by Crystal Briner115330

    (Notice these are just my opinions, and I really mean every word I say in this(good or bad)

    So.... after almost four years of fighting and almost three years of the kiss' tension,

    Will Dan and Nick finally break all of the Shippers suspicion?

    I realized that only a week ago that these kids we've seen in Sept. 2008 are indeed growing up, but not just that, but Miranda is considering college, and Jennette and probably Nathan are already graduating, and Jerry is getting closer to the big 4-0, I am considering a conclusion.

    These kids are in the 11th grade, and growing closer to the final chapter... Graduation. I get to talk about iOMG instead. This episode coming on April 9th I am guessing is a step for the better... an actual(hopefully) answer t…

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