(Notice these are just my opinions, and I really mean every word I say in this(good or bad)

So.... after almost four years of fighting and almost three years of the kiss' tension,

Will Dan and Nick finally break all of the Shippers suspicion?

I realized that only a week ago that these kids we've seen in Sept. 2008 are indeed growing up, but not just that, but Miranda is considering college, and Jennette and probably Nathan are already graduating, and Jerry is getting closer to the big 4-0, I am considering a conclusion.

These kids are in the 11th grade, and growing closer to the final chapter... Graduation. I get to talk about iOMG instead. This episode coming on April 9th I am guessing is a step for the better... an actual(hopefully) answer to every one's question will the Seddie and Creddie Shippers be upset, concerned, or compromised? MAN! I wish I could just fast forward time and see this episode already!

I want this answer to be solved in iOMG, or another episode in the gang's senior year in season 5 probably coming in late 2011, we can only guess... Although I am a Seddie shipper (don't bash me), I felt a little(tiny) sympathy for the Creddies after the new promos and songs ever since the upset of fans in the iSAFW fiasco, even though I knew they wouldn't do anything to it, but you have to admit it was Nick's fault for putting out false promos, not Dan's.

So as we "patiently"(Yeah... Right) wait for iOMG, I hope for the best including for the Seddies and the Creddies, and all the other shippers(Cam, Spam, ect...) to hopefully end a war that has spawned since that September evening when everone had started their own opinions, and was really fun to watch all the excitement and the fun of the iCarly epic.

To Dan Schnieder, and everyone:

Can you, if you please, in the comment box to tell me to calm down because all I can think about is the promos and the song in them both(which rocks by the way), and having hysterical laughing, crying and screaming fits everytime I see it. So if you're hearing, listen to my plea, so that I don't have to scare the crap out of my confused(about iCarly, not what you think) nanna.

My Dearest apologies if I ever angered any of you in this blog... I just wanted to state my opinion now, or regret it for the rest of my life.

NOW... back to my new iCarly insanity and anurisms, and listen to that song and the promos again.

With love, and best wishes,


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