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  • CupcakeStar177

    Soon FanFic...

    January 14, 2012 by CupcakeStar177

    (Plot Unknown; TBA)

    iParty With Victorious (Different Plot)


    Spencer gets a job as the new artist at Hollywood Arts. Visiting the Hollywood Arts area, Carly and Victoria both compete in the singing contest becoming rivals in the competition. However, when a greater threat appears, they both join sides to defeat them.

    iRock Out With Big Time Rush

    The iCarly Team gets welcomed for a webcast at the Palm Woods. (Sorry but not much to this plot is getting ready because I'm still working on iParty With Victorious)

    So until annouced when iParty With Victorious is finished, i'll get started on the other two fanfics.

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  • CupcakeStar177


    January 14, 2012 by CupcakeStar177

    I'm new on this "wiki".

    I came here to write fanfictions on one of my favorite shows by Dan Schieder, icarly (and probably other things).

    tha's...pretty much it lol


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