Hi, I have a few ideas about ilost my mind

Watch the promo and pause it when you see

Carly. Look in to her eyes you

can tell shes looking at someone. Unpause, when

you see Freddie pause again. Look in to his eyes you

can tell hez looking at Sam. Unpause, pause again

when you see Gibby and Miss Benson with her hand on

her mouth. I think they are in an elvator that stop working.

Unpause, pause again when you see Sam and Freddie

kiss in Carly's apartment. Don't know why the grass carpite and mower are in the apartment. probble something

to do with Spenser. One more thing look at the door IT'S OPEN!! Unpause, pause again at the 30 sec. mark.

Freddie is wearing the same shirt as he was wearing when I said he was looking at sam and if you look at carly check it looks like shes smiling. thanks for reading


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