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    iCarly Info!

    June 26, 2011 by CuteChick1010

    Here is my T.V. Show.. Its called.... Sam hates her little sister!

    Sam: Tracy, did you take my meat?

    Tracy: No... I took my pizza!

    Sam: You are so... UGHH! I am going to rip your head off one day..

    Tracy: Yea right meat girl..

    Sam: You really want me to rip your head off?

    Tracy: You are not stong enough! hahahha(laughes for like 2 minutes)

    Sam: (Sam's face gets red) BOOM! She punches her little sister in the face

    TRacy: OWWWWWW!!!! I am telling mom!

    Sam: Go ahead... All she does is sleep and eat and scream at us all day.. She is a lazy slob. Like youu!

    Tracy: Mom, Sam punched me again....

    Mom: I dont care. Go steal her meat.

    Tracy: But I already did...

    Mom: Just leave me alone!!!!

    Tracy: Bye you meanie!

    Sam: I heard you! You did steal my meat!!!!!

    Tracy: …

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  • CuteChick1010

    iCarly Is Awesome

    June 25, 2011 by CuteChick1010

    iCarly is awesome! Al of the episodes are funny! Well, iCarly is one of the populous shows on Nick. I know it is because I watch it. My friends watch it. Even my mom watches it! So yea. Anyway.. The question I want to ask today is... "Whats your favorite iCarly episode?" And the second one is "If you had to take a persons place in the show, who would it be?" Do you think that Sam and Freddie Dude are a good couple? Or Carly and Freddie a good couple? Well, thats it for today. Make sure to answer the questions!

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