Here is my T.V. Show.. Its called.... Sam hates her little sister!

Sam: Tracy, did you take my meat?

Tracy: No... I took my pizza!

Sam: You are so... UGHH! I am going to rip your head off one day..

Tracy: Yea right meat girl..

Sam: You really want me to rip your head off?

Tracy: You are not stong enough! hahahha(laughes for like 2 minutes)

Sam: (Sam's face gets red) BOOM! She punches her little sister in the face

TRacy: OWWWWWW!!!! I am telling mom!

Sam: Go ahead... All she does is sleep and eat and scream at us all day.. She is a lazy slob. Like youu!

Tracy: Mom, Sam punched me again....

Mom: I dont care. Go steal her meat.

Tracy: But I already did...

Mom: Just leave me alone!!!!

Tracy: Bye you meanie!

Sam: I heard you! You did steal my meat!!!!!

Tracy: (She screams loud and Sam chases her))

Sam: I am going to get you..(they both run out the house)

Tracy: Mom is going to kill YOU!


Sam pulls Tracy and drops her on the ground in the grass.

Sam: You stole my meat! You crazzy little girl

Tracy: You are sooo crazy! I hate you!

Sam: Whatever!(sam yelled at the top of her lungs)

Tracy: pushes Sam off

Sam: Get back here

Tracy: Wait! Im sorry ok?

Sam: What? I thought thios was a war. We fight until one of us is dead! That is how it is!

Tracy: I said I sorry ok? And I mean it.. I do..

Sam: Last time you said that you ripped my teddy bear in half you mutt! I wish you were a piece of meat!

Tracy: PLeease dont kill mee

Sam: Fine! :(

Tracy:(come over and hugs Sam...)

TRacy punches her in the stomach.........



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