Hello, iCarly Wiki users! Do you want to join in on the most exciting wrestling that has ever existed on the iCarly Wiki blog? Do you want to test your abilities and charisma against other users of equal skills? If you want to become a superstar/diva, you have to join in on ICWW, or iCarly Wiki Wrestling! Exciting action, major conflict, and highly talented users will happen every Monday on every week! Single matches, tag team matches, handicap matches, and special gimmick matches, like steel cage matches, will be the entrees on the menu of ICWW! If you want to join in on the awesome events, all you have to do is tell me your name, age, what you want to be billed as whenever you wrestle, and as well as why you want to wrestle and I'll be able to hook you up instantly as an ICWW superstar/diva! Anyone can join! No exceptions! ICWW-Matches Served Daily since 2012!

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