I already posted a similar message on the Austin & Ally wikia, but I have to address this issue here as well.

Far too often I've seen images posted here and in other wikis with vague and indescribable names. "O," "Images," "Image (1)," "Image (2)," "Seddie," and names like that. I'd like to take the time to urge all users and editors to create names that actually describe the images. The ones from Tumblr pages may not belong to us, but they're hard to describe when you're searching for specific images. The ones with vague names like "0," "P3," "Creddie," "Seddie," "Image," and such are too easily replaceable by other images. I've actually had to split certain images when new ones with the same title are posted over old ones. A lot of these are attached to message posts, and galleries, and such. Once they're changed, they have no relevance to the subjects they were intended for.

Just something for the rest of you to think about. If I need to, I'll bring this up on more wikis.

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